Who is my Neighbor? (Dr. Scott Kellermann)

September 03, 2017 (St. Matthew 16:21-28) Dr. Kellermann reflects on today’s Epistle in an unforgettable message to the St. John’s parish.

Scott Kellermann, MD, is a California-based family physician and tropical medicine specialist. He and his wife, Carol, an educator, traveled to Uganda in 2000 with the Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation to assess the needs of the Batwa pygmies of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The Kellermanns found heartbreaking conditions and moved to Uganda as full-time missionaries from 2001-2009.

Initially, the Kellermanns focused on learning the language and customs of the Batwa pygmies while visiting remote pygmy settlements. Early on, they held mobile medical clinics under trees. They treated 200–300 Batwa and non-Batwa patients a day, often hanging IVs from branches. They built a small clinic, which grew to become Bwindi Community Hospital, now rated one of the best hospitals in Uganda.

The Kellermann Foundation was founded in 2004 to sustain and expand their work and St. John’s supports their work and pray for their work every week.

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