Vestry Voices: Kristin Todora

HELLO! My name is Kristin Todora, and I am currently serving my second year on the Vestry as your Senior Warden. I had some large shoes to fill in this position and will be forever grateful to Mark McCaffrey for his love of St. John’s and his dedication to this position. He’s made my job that much easier! This is my second term on the Vestry, as I first served from 2008 to 2010.

My husband, David, and I first visited St. John’s in 1999 with our then almost 2-year-old son, Sam (now 20). Some of you may remember our little family in the pews with Sam chowing down on goldfish and juice each Sunday morning. Not coming from an Anglican background, we had some learning to do about the traditions and worship style at St. John’s, but we both almost immediately agreed that St. John’s fit us like none of the other churches we had been visiting. Soon our family grew to include our daughter, Avin (now 15), and we all became very involved in many aspects of life at St. John’s. I became active in the Women of St. John’s, David joined the Men’s Camping Group, and we both participated in children’s ministries including the nursery and Children’s Chapel.

I think what I am most excited about here at St. John’s is our wonderful potential and where this might lead us in the future. We have a beautiful tradition of worship, some of the best preachers in the diocese, and an exceptional group of friendly folks. We are prayerful people who care about those we worship with, as well as those in our school, neighborhood and beyond. I feel God’s presence in so much of what we do here at St. John’s, and I truly believe that God is leading us to greater things. Do we fall short? Most definitely! And we must see these shortcomings and create solutions to address these areas. Can we do more? Most definitely! And we must use our resources to find the best path to being the best we can be! I feel so fortunate to be serving with a Vestry that is as passionate and excited as I am about our little piece of heaven right here in East Dallas, and I look forward to continuing to seek God’s will for me and my family in a bright future here at St. John’s! Please continue to pray for your Vestry members and God’s continued good works here at St. John’s.

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