THRIVE, parishioner perspective: Mark McCaffrey

This past Sunday’s sermon was about pruning, and nobody knows the pain of pruning better than former senior warden Mark McCaffrey. His Parishioner Perspective shows how the parish has sought to thrive through prudent prioritizing of our resources, and how all of us are called to this kind of discernment when we dig deep into the question of stewardship. 

All of you know how passionate I am about St. John’s financial position.

Most of you were right by my side just a year ago as we, as a parish, had to make some very difficult decisions about our 2017 budget year and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. It’s something I will never forget. I could not have done that without your support. The face to face, the phone calls, the emails where very overwhelming for me. It’s funny how I can look back on the advice we all got from our parents and say wow, they had it right all along and I thought I knew everything.One of the things I learned, through that difficult time, was to stop, listen, and to be guided through by God.

The decisions your Vestry made last year turned out to be exactly what this Parish needed.

I am asking you to look at your Stewardship decision for 2018 as an investment into your future as a Christian and the future of the church just like your Vestry had to do a year ago. These are very difficult things to stop and pray about during our busy lives but this is God’s will for each one of us.

I trust you will take the time and pray about your Stewardship comment this stewardship season and then enjoy the left over fruits of your labor. Put God first in all of your decisions and you will be forever grateful to him.