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Total Pledges: $1,399,828 | Total Received: $1,022,974

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At St. John’s, we are on a journey. It is a common journey that binds us together as we grow more and more in the grace and love of God—and into the glory of Jesus himself. St. Paul writes, “With unveiled faces we are beginning to REFLECT the glory of the Lord, and we are being transformed into his likeness from one degree of glory to another.” (2 Corinthians 3:18)

It’s an incredible thought: that we receive and REFLECT the light of Christ in a way that changes us and changes the world around us. Every day is a chance for more, a new next step in this journey of growth and glory.
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Our capital campaign is about preserving this great place so that others can draw closer in a relationship with our Creator and join us on the journey of growth and glory. In order to do this we need to:

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on what we have been given: we need to take care of our house and restore its original beauty.



on why St. John’s matters, to us and to our community. We have so much to be thankful for.



the grace & glory of God out into the world around us. We are people with a purpose, a family with a mission.

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Latest Updates

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Since the campaign began in 2016, we are ahead of schedule and have completed the following initiatives:

  • Church HVAC system entirely replaced and with a new Daikin chiller system
  • Parish Hall wheelchair lift replaced, and bathrooms redesigned and remodeled with ADA updates
  • Parish Hall kitchen rebuilt and outfitted
  • Cosmetic improvements to the Parish Hall with asbestos removal
  • Paid off Undercroft

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With cash in hand, the REFLECT Implementation committee is currently working on:

  • Campus signage design, placement plan, and installation
  • Church lighting improvements

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What are the next priorities of the campaign?

  • A new Visitor Center in the narthex
  • Design of a reredos (that frames the cross and tabernacle) that beautifies and highlights the Christus Rex and tabernacle
  • More Parish Hall improvements (audio-visual, art and appointments)
  • Library and classroom renovations
  • Church roof replacement
  • Columbarium expansion

See the full details in the REFLECT Scope and Financial Plan document.

Questions & Answers

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St. John’s is not a cathedral or mega church. We count the number of lives changed, not the number of seats filled. We are a traditional, medium-sized neighborhood church dedicated to worshipping with beauty and reverence and serving our community with a missional zeal. We want to do ministry better, not just bigger. We need to be good stewards of all that we have so that our efforts to worship well and change lives can be a part of our future as well as our history.
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The project list is a direct result of the vestry’s visioning process. In May, the vestry gathered to renew its strategic plan and consider all the needs of the parish. Collaboratively, the group singled out the projects that need completion in order for the parish to be good stewards of what we’ve been given and to fulfill our calling to reflect the light of Christ through beautiful worship, transforming discipleship, and reaching out to our community in word and deed. Anytime there is a long list of priorities, there will a variety of opinions throughout the parish about what should be first or next or last. Careful consideration of the needs of the whole parish went into selecting and ordering the priorities in this plan. If a particular priority lower on the list is important to you, then help us get there as soon as possible!
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The way the plan works is that as we gain a certain level of fulfilled financial pledges, we embark on a project phase. The Vestry and the Rector are absolutely committed to this being done without going into debt, and not relying on “bridge loans” while pledges are coming in. The Project Scope page lists the order of priorities, each of which will be executed when the parish has cash in hand. This sort of responsible stewardship guards us from biting off more than we can chew. It also serves as a gauge of the desires and commitments of the parish members by demonstrating financial will for each part of the campaign.
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A capital campaign gift is a financial pledge— over and above one’s annual support for the parish’s ministry—and is given over a three year period to fund significant improvements in our facilities. There is no formula for a capital pledge. Our families have different financial abilities. The biblical concept of giving in proportion to each person’s blessings/ability could be restated as “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.” Certainly, not everyone is capable of making a six figure gift to their church. But every family can meaningfully invest themselves in the future of this parish to the best of their ability. What does that kind of investment look like for you? What might you sacrifice or re-prioritize in order to invest in the future of this parish? You have a part to give that no one else can do. Responding to this opportunity will mean each family giving their best.
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Talk to a member of the Vestry or Fr. Houk. Or bring you questions to the Annual Parish Meeting, 9:00 a.m. on February 21 in the Parish Hall. For those unable to attend that day, there is also an informational meeting on February 28 in the Parish Hall following the 10:30 Eucharist.
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Make a Donation

Your gift means so much to us as a church, family and community. Thank you.
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Make Your Commitment:

You can donate now or set up recurring donations for the duration of the campaign.

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