What Moves You?

Specifically, what moves you to take care of your loved ones? Because they demand it? Probably not. Because you are obligated to do it? Maybe you’re obligated, but odds are your motivation lies elsewhere. Because you love them and want the best for them? Undoubtedly. Because you love seeing them thrive and succeed? Very likely. Part of who you are is helping them achieve their best. You can’t imagine not doing it.

What moves you to support your parish family? Not a demand or a legal obligation. And so, why? Because you love St. John’s and enjoy helping fulfill its mission? St. John’s Legacy Society member Margery Hunter said it this way: “It is who I am and what I love.” Sounds a lot like why we provide for our human families. It’s hard to imagine not doing it.

Do you want to keep providing for St. John’s success longterm? Wouldn’t a fixed amount or a small percentage of your estate for St John’s in your will give you gratification from knowing you are helping your parish family continue their good works when you have gone on to greater glory? How can you imagine not doing that?


Ann Ward Purcell
St. John’s Planned Giving Chairman

For more information about the Cantate Deo contact the parish office.

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