LAUNCH! 2019: Year of the Catapult

You might be surprised to learn that catapults have an exceedingly long history.

Of course, when I mention a catapult, you probably imagine something like the one pictured here that is more properly called a mangonel. This is the variety we are used to seeing in all kinds of historic and fantasy movies (Robin Hood, The Lord of the Rings, and even the Ewok catapults of Return of the Jedi to name a few). However, the idea of a machine to hurl a projectile is recorded as far back as the 700s BC when King Uzziah is said to have made machines to shoot arrows and great stones (2 Chronicles 26:15).

And lest we forget the other side of the time spectrum, modern aircraft carriers employ a version of catapult technology to help planes reach flight speed on very short runways and our British friends use the term catapult for what most of us would call a slingshot .

This technology has of course given rise to the verb catapult, which can describe someone’s career suddenly accelerating to fame (ex. Harrison Ford following his portrayal of Han Solo in Star Wars) or more generally, as something launched with great force.

The latter meaning is what we are thinking about as we approach our “Launch” event on Sunday, September 8 at 9:00am. This event marks the catapulting of our 2019-20 ministries and initiatives and provides each of you with the opportunity to learn about and engage with our Christian formation, music, fellowship, and outreach ministries. Of course, we will also provide plenty of medieval food and fun along the way complete with door prizes and catapult and slingshot launches.

Come join us at 9:00am on September 8 to celebrate the new program year and connect with one another following a long, hot summer!


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