Worship at Sthttp://drainwranglers.com/38-silagra-shop-39-silagra-kaufen-in-thailand. John's

worship_palmsunday.jpg "Behold, the Lamb of God!" (St. John 1:29)

These were the words of John the Baptist (from whom our parish takes its name) when he first met Christ in the wilderness. And these are the words which we hope characterize our worship at St. John's: a place where people, through hearing God's Word and receiving the Sacraments, come to see and experience--to behold!--the grace and truth of God in Jesus Christ.

The liturgy, hymns, and ceremony of the Anglican tradition are central to our worship at St. John's. We seek to offer God our best, in "the beauty of holiness," (Psalm 29:9) with thanksgiving for every gift and grace he has given us in Christ.

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