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st-johns-podcast-100A weekly podcast of the Good News of God in Jesus Christ as preached at St. John's in Dallas, Texas.

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No room in the inn? (Fr. David Houk)

Christmas Eve: Dec. 24, 2014  podcast kataluma IsraeliteHome

(St. Luke 2:1–20) Why is Joseph looking for the Super 8 when he goes to Bethlehem, his family’s town? Maybe we need to think this familiar passage anew to discover the real meaning of Christmas: that God wants to relate to us, the Christ wants to make his home with us.


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Not the Messiah (Fr. David Houk)

Advent 3: Dec. 14, 2014 (St. John 1:6–8;19–28 podcast JohnBaptist3

John the Baptist had it right; he confessed, “I am not the Christ.” What a great reminder for us to let go of our Messianic efforts to save ourselves and others, and to simply find our life in the one true Savior of the world.


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How far would you go? (Fr. David Houk)

Advent 2: Dec. 7, 2014 ( St. Mark 1: 1–8 houk-thumb

“All the country of Judea” and “all the people of Jerusalem” made the trek through the wilderness to confess their sins to John the Baptist? What would make a person go so far? How far would you go to be forgiven? 


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