Doug Digs St. John’s

A cradle Episcopalian, Doug’s journey with Jesus Christ has been lived within and outside of the Episcopal Church. In this Parishioner Profile he talks about what drew him to St. John’s.

You decided to jump in to the life of St. John’s in 2018, attending the confirmation class that spring. What sparked your desire to be confirmed?  

I grew up in the Episcopal Church and I think the thing that drew me to attend the class was the community at St. John’s church and school.  The people, ethos, staff and clergy are so welcoming.  Both our children attend the school and I got to know the church through their involvement. I met Father Houk a few times at school events and asked him about “re-confirming” and what St. Johns offered. I really enjoyed the class and getting to know the “ins and outs” of what had already been such a fabric of my life.

You grew up in the Episcopal Church and then you went away for a while. That’s not an uncommon experience for young people. Why do you think it was the case for you?

I think more than anything else, my journey was my self-exploration, spiritually and emotionally; God had never left me. That said, I came back to my faith towards the end of my education. I was fortunate enough to marry in and become a part of the United Methodist Church. I learned so much about grace and my faith during this time.

The Episcopal church, though, is really such a part of my fabric spiritually. When my children started going to St. John’s, I decided to visit the church and I have just really found a home here.

What are the aspects of St. John’s in particular, or the Episcopal Church in general, that have most impacted you spiritually?

I think the things that I connect with in the church is the doctrine, rituals and especially the formal Eucharist. I feel a real connection with the Holy Spirit and God on Sundays through the Eucharist and the teachings that the church offers and especially St. Johns. I also love the sermons our clergy provide weekly and seasonally. I have gotten such a fresh take on daily life that has given me great perspective – especially the time of life I am living right now with a growing family, elderly parents and middle age. St. Johns provides me a great deal of comfort and belonging to something bigger than myself. I am blessed to be a part of this congregation and church family.

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