Sunday School



Men’s Bible Study  Jay Patterson – Via Zoom at 8:30am

Jay Patterson leads this class, focusing now on a study of Gene Getz’s book, David, Seeking God Faithfully, one of the Men of Character series.  All men are welcome.  If you would like to join in, Jay Patterson will be happy to send you the book and a link to the zoom sessions. Email Jay.


Women’s Bible Study  Dawn Kinard  – In-person and via Zoom at 9:15am

Dawn Kinard leads the study, using NT Wright’s For Everyone guide through the the epistle of 2 Peter. The class is meeting, masked, in the Parish Hall Vestry room, and it is also possible to attend via Zoom. Email Dawn for more information.

Click here for the Zoom link.


A More Christlike Word  Fr. David Houk – Via Zoom at 9:15am

Readers of the Bible struggle at times with questions about the character of God. Particularly, how should one understand the violent passages of the Old Testament and how do they relate to God’s revelation in the person of Jesus Christ? Theologian Brad Jersak has just published A More Christlike God: reading Scripture the Emmaus way. It’s a new book commending an ancient way of reading an understanding the Scriptures: as Jesus says on the road to Emmaus, the Law and the Prophets are pointing to him, and only he fully reveals the Father. Join Fr. Houk in a read-through, exploration, and discussion of this book. Order the book here.

Click here for the Zoom link. Past classes are recorded and available on our YouTube page.


Archived: An Outline of the Faith  Fr. David Houk
Perhaps the most underutilized section of the Prayer Book is the Catechism, alternatively titled “An Outline of the Faith.” Here, we get the big picture of essential Christian faith and practice. Fr. Houk offered this guided tour of the Catechism in the fall of 2020, with theological commentary, Biblical insight, and practical application. It’s all there: from sin and redemption to the creeds and Sacraments, from the Church’s ministry to the Christian hope of life eternal. View the class on our YouTube page.



10:30 am – Children’s Chapel (Pre-K-4th Grades) Coinciding with the 10:30 am Eucharist, our children have a program in the chapel that applies the day’s reading in an age-appropriate way, combined with music and instruction about our liturgical worship. The kids gather around the cross in the undercroft (the church basement). If you’re new, just as an usher for directions to Children’s Chapel.

Bible Basics Nursery (0-3yrs)
It’s never too early to teach children about God. And so our Nursery program includes a program for early childhood education that reinforces Biblical lessons with with music, videos, crafts, and games.

Currently on hold – Music with Benjamin Kolodziej (Pre-K-5th Grades)
When COVID subsides, Benjamin Kolodziej will be eager to restart his music class on Sunday mornings. Children will learn new songs and hymns, as well as lessons about instruments and how to read music.


YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL (6th-9th grade)

For information about our youth ministries, please see our YOUTH page.

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