St. John’s offers a robust course of Sunday School classes for all ages that are relevant to life and Biblically based. As a prelude to Sunday School, breakfast is served at 8:45 AM in the Parish Hall, and classes run from 9:15–10:15 AM.

Adult Sunday School

1st Corinthians with Father Andy

So you want a class that is heavy on the Bible AND is relevant to your personal life? Meet 1st Corinthians. In this study that will extend until Lent, Father Andy will go through the entire book section by section as Paul addresses issues such as pride, discipline, Christian service, marriage, resurrection, and more.

Meets in the Parish Hall.

Women’s Bible Study with Lea France

This fall, the women will also be embarking on a study of 1st Corinthians as they continue a word by word look at Scripture using the “For Everyone” book series by N.T. Wright.

Meets in the Parish Hall classroom.

Lambeth Bible Study with Jim Stacy

The Lambeth method invites a group of believers to study passages together, reflecting on the words and phrases that catch their attention, how that passage intersects with their lives, and how God might be guiding them to respond. This 5-week class will begin on January 14 in the Parish Hall Library/Conference room.

Coming this Lent!!

A confirmation class with Father Houk, The Gospel of Mark with Deacon Button, and more!

Offered on occasion: St. John’s 411

St. John’s 411 provides newcomers with an introduction to the parish and our community. Come and learn about the values of our parish and ways in which people connect with one another through worship, discipleship, and service. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions about the church. For information about the next St. John’s 411, please contact Fr. Andy Johnson.

people2_600_macyChildren and Youth Sunday School

Children and Youth meet in the classrooms of the Undercroft (the basement of the church) from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.


Nursery (0-3yrs)
It’s never too early to teach children about God. We believe that Christian faith is essential to early childhood development. Frolic is the first curriculum of its kind to connect developmental and spiritual milestones for the youngest of children—starting at birth.

Godly Play

Pre-K and Kindergarten age children are gently transitioned into a more structured Sunday school class with stories and crafts, preparing them for more in-depth lessons as they get older.

Holy Moly!

(1st-3rd grades)
Designed for children grades 1 to 3, Holy Moly focuses on individual Bible stories. Each lesson has four components. During Discover, kids watch an animated Bible story video. In Relate, they talk about the story they just watched. Then, in Connect, kids engage with the story again in their Bible to understand the story. Finally, they complete the Create activity with their leaflets.


(4th-5th grades)
Connect begins in fourth grade where kids/preteens transition from individual Bible stories to a framework explaining how the individual stories fit into larger biblical themes.


For information about our youth ministries, please see our YOUTH page!