Flickers in the Dark


By Fr. Oliver Butler

Years ago, and long before the burden that is 2020, I found myself lost and on a dark stretch of life’s highway for several months. At the lowest point, I just needed anything – any sign that God was still there.  It was right before Thanksgiving, and I was in Santa Fe waiting to meet my folks for the holiday. I’d even misplaced my wallet two days prior, with all my cash and cards, and I didn’t have enough gas to get to the Albuquerque airport. Searching for two days to no avail, and feeling desperate, I finally drove high into the hills retracing my bike route as the sun set.

And there it was.

On the side of the road, 10 miles up, 2 days later, right where it had fallen out of my jacket was my wallet and all my money. The darkness didn’t lift, but a light had flickered on the side of the road that night -a flicker of hope – a sign and reminder that God always pursues us until he finds us. Always.

Even now. In 2020.

Look around. Where do you see the flicker?

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