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Hopeful Waiting ( Fr. Andy Johnson )

December 3, 2017 (Mark 13:24-37) Beginning the church year with Advent and calls to watch and wait seems strange. Fr. Andy guides us to consider the expectant hope of Christ’s return that makes this a great time for a new beginning. Listen to the sermon

What’s your oil? (Fr. David Houk)

November 12, 2017 (St. Matthew 25:1-13) The parable of the ten maidens challenges us to commit to, and guard tenaciously, those spiritual practices that keep us ready, alert, growing, and living the Kingdom of God each day. Listen to the sermon

Culture Wars (Deacon Roger Button)

Nov 5, 2017 Matthew 23:1-12 So much time and attention is given to the Culture War our society is in.  But there’s another Culture War of even more significance to followers of Jesus.  And this All Saints’ Day, he’s called all of us to do our part, no matter how limited that part may seem. Listen to the […]

A surprise (Fr. John Thorpe)

October 22, 2017    How did sacrifice work in the ancient world? King David’s understanding of those mechanics led him to proclaim, “I will not offer to the Lord a sacrifice that costs me nothing.” The connection between this story and stewardship will surprise you. Listen to the sermon

The Vineyard (Fr. David Houk)

October 8, 2017 (St. Matthew 21:33-43) Jesus parable calls for some probing questions. What is our vineyard for? Who is our vineyard for? Is the wine we receive just for us, or are we supposed to share the cup of God’s loving kindness with others? Listen to the sermon

Paid for eternity (Fr. Herb DeWees)

September 24, 2017 (Matthew 20:1-16) We all want to earn it, but we can’t. But what we really need is grace. Jesus’ parable makes plain that it’s not our self effort but God’s generosity that matters. Listen to the sermon

How many times? (Fr. David Houk)

September 17, 2017 (St. Matthew 18:21-25) Jesus’s words about “seventy times seven” and the parable he tells suggest we all get to choose the universe we want to live in, whether we opt for justice and punishment or mercy and forgiveness. The key to the latter is letting go. Listen to the sermon

Who is my Neighbor? (Dr. Scott Kellermann)

September 03, 2017 (St. Matthew 16:21-28) Dr. Kellermann reflects on today’s Epistle in an unforgettable message to the St. John’s parish. Scott Kellermann, MD, is a California-based family physician and tropical medicine specialist. He and his wife, Carol, an educator, traveled to Uganda in 2000 with the Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation to assess the needs of the […]

Following (Fr. Andy Johnson)

September 03, 2017 (St. Matthew 16:21-28) For Peter, the early church in Rome, and for us, there is no place for asserting our ideas of what God should do. Fr. Andy points out that we are all called to surrender our own initiatives and follow Jesus, even when it doesn’t make sense, and to thrive in the […]